Art by Luke Foster

Art by Luke Foster: Drawing, Sculpture, Installation Art, and Photography 

“We live in a fractured world. I’ve always seen it as my role as an artist to attempt to make wholeness.” Anish Kapoor

 I have been making art and exhibiting for more than twenty five years since graduating from College of Fine arts in Sydney an off shoot of the University of New South Wales. I graduated with a master’s degree in sculpture. In the final years of the master’s course I made video installation art. That is making a mixture of sculpture and video art. These artworks now only exist as documentation.

These days I mainly do drawings on watercolour paper with fine line black pens. I try to find answers to life’s big questions with illustrative drawings that blend the philosophical with attempts at humour. These are exhibited in float mount frames, in books of original drawings bound thesis style and in copies as greeting cards, t-shirts and comix zines. My drawings are usually executed rapidly without planning and the images and text flow out of my mind like a flow of consciousness, perhaps inspired by the dialogue in a Woody Allen movie or the flow of consciousness writing in a Jack Kerouac novel.

However this website includes drawing, sculpture, installation art, writing and photography.

While at art school the artists that had the biggest influence on me were: Bruce Nauman, Mike Kelley, Joseph Beuys and Anish Kapoor. The lecturers who had the biggest influence were Joan Grounds and Bonita Ely.

What I took on board most of all was that Joseph Beuys said: Every man is an artist. And he thought art was a vehicle that could transform society and heal its problems.

In the past ten years the artists with the most influence on my art have been Raymond Pettibon, Yoshitomo Nara and Louise Bourgeois.

Much of my art is inspired by travel in India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, America, New Zealand, France, Italy and Germany. 

In recent years I have returned to making installation art with the most notable being an untitled canoe video installation with the canoe sitting on two wooden trestle tables and a simple wooden projection screen in the middle. Videos were projected on either side of the screen. One was about my collaborative artist friends Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro who I have known since art school days. Through my correspondence with the famous American clown doctor Patch Adams he said to value your friends which I do. The video about Sean and Claire was a slide show of drawings that was also made into an artist book of original drawings that I gifted to them.

On the other side of the projection screen was projected a video called Mothers Love/ Maria Foster. It featured a drawing slide show about my mothers life and the amazing effect of mothers love she has cast on me in my life time. This video which was also made into a book of original drawings following correspondence with Patch Adams and his emphasis on the importance of mothers love.

Another feature of my art practise over the past twenty five years has been the creation of over thirty artist books with hundreds of original drawings in each book. A notable book called Kurt Cobain Meets Joseph Beuys was stolen at a Michael Jackson tribute exhibition at Holly Gallery in Queensland. My artist friend Sean Cordeiro said that you are not a real artist until you have an artwork stolen.

Another significant aspect of my art over the past twenty five years has been studio residencies at Flinders Island for a month in 2017 and three month long residencies at the Big Ci in Bilpin in the Blue Mountains. During these residencies I made a prolific flow of consciousness drawings. During these residencies the underlying theme was about the chthonian element of nature or from the bowels of the earth and how connecting with this force of nature one can be deeply healed.