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Tranquillity and World Peace Through Inner Peace

Video by Luke Foster “I have found that the greatest degree of inner tranquillity comes from the development of love and compassion.” Dalai Lama The best way to have inner peace is by being tranquil. I had a breakthrough today as usually while I beach walk, I listen to pop and rock music but yesterday […]

Making a Drawing and Video Installation for my Friends in America titled: Things and People I Like About America/ However the Main Component Was a Book of Original Drawings but I Was Sad When I Finished as Due to my Lack of Drawing Skills the Portraits Weren’t Flattering/ Sorry

An Installation by Luke Foster “If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.”  Barack Obama I was going to add the art joke: No more fat and felt about trying not to imitate one of my favourite artists the German Joseph Beuys who used fat and […]

Chthonian Meets Compassion

Kirra Hill Exhibition “I always hold out hope. Mediation is an opportunity for each side to present their case, and for us to get back to the table again.” Ron Weber I had a realization today as I gave some stuff yesterday but it wasn’t coming from my heart. Perhaps true giving and compassion is […]

Am I Going in Circles?

Exhibition at Murwillumbah Library: March-April “To confer the gift of drawing, we must create an eye that sees, a hand that obeys, a soul that feels; and in this task, the whole life must cooperate. In this sense, life itself is the only preparation for drawing. Once we have lived, the inner spark of vision […]

Joseph Beuys Don’t Want Me for a Sunbeam

Beach Performance “To be a teacher is my greatest work of art. The rest is the waste product, a demonstration. If you want to express yourself you must present something tangible. But after a while this has only the function of a historic document. Objects aren’t very important any more. I want to get to […]

Blue Mountains Hand Drawn T-shirts Project

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.“ Alan Alda   Since being at the current residency in the Blue Mountains I hit the ground running as I had three or four ideas before I […]

Conceptual Art Mash Up

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” Dalai Lama This art exhibition at Kirra Hill Community centre gallery is a mash up of mediums, ideas, and styles. Mash up is usually a term used to describe mixing up different songs to […]

Getting Covid at the Big Ci

Drawing The Large Jacobean Ruff and Covid Mask Portraits “Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.” “The way to change other’s minds is with affection and not anger.” “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” “An open heart is an open mind.” Dalai […]

Zeitgeist Show at Kirra Hill Community Centre and Gallery

Materials: artist books, unframed drawings, bicycle, framed drawings, trestle tables, two video projectors and DVD players, photographs, DVDS. The exhibition Zeitgeist featured drawings made in a studio residency in March 2018 at the Big Ci studio residency at Bilpin in the Blue Mountains. There was a book of drawings titled The Big Ci Studio Residency […]

The Ocean Room Video Installation

The Ocean Room 1995 Manning Regional Gallery, Particle Gallery and Sculpture by the Sea Bondi Materials: plywood, 34cm television, VHS video player with auto play function and a half hour video of a plaster board model building being washed over on the oceanside of Whale Beach Dimensions: 2.7m by 0.6m by 0.6m The Ocean Room […]

The Cross Room Sculpture

Cross Room 1995 Particle Gallery Sydney Materials: plywood, plaster board and calico plus pillow stuffing The Cross Room is a sculpture of a model room in the shape of a crucifix and expresses the idea that the crucifix is not just a symbol but a place in which people reside and live by. Also on […]

Thankyou Show with Hansol Lim

Thank you Exhibition with the Korean Artist Hansol Lim Holly Gallery 2017 Materials: screen printed T-shirts, DVDs, video projectors, television, DVD players, trestle tables, unframed drawings, paintings on canvas and milk crates.   Thank You was an exhibition by Hansol Lim and me at Holly Gallery in Miami Queensland. Hansol came out to Australia from South […]

Self as Cocoon Sculpture

Self as Cocoon 1994   College of Fine Arts exhibition space  Materials: carpet underlay, chicken wire, wood and black pigment Approx : 1.8m by 0.4m by 0.4m Self as Cocoon is very influenced by the fat and felt installations and sculptures of German artist Joseph Beuys. It also has a cavity in the chest area of […]

Stone Circle at Bilgola Beach

Stone Circle 1993 Site Specific Installation at Bilgola Beach in Sydney Materials: stones and ochre clay and ultramarine pigment Dimensions variable Stone circle is perhaps reminiscent of the interventions in nature by the artist Richard Long. It is also inspired by the spiritual stone and pigment sculptures and installations of Indian born British artist Anish […]

Seismograph Show at Particle Gallery.

Seismograph 1995 Particle Gallery Sydney Materials: plasterboard, clay, grease and plywood Seismograph was a group exhibition with Fernando Pino and both of us made dwellings reflecting psychological space. The title Seismograph refers to a study of underground bunkers.

Kimchi and Curry Rocks Meets My New York Diary

Kimchi and Curry Rocks Meets my New York Diary 2017 Kirra Hill Gallery Materials: framed drawings, bicycle, books of drawings, glass vitrine cabinet wide screen TV, video projectors This exhibition was inspired by my travel to Korea, India and New York City. There were books of drawings about Jack Kerouac Meets JD Salinger about the […]