Gratitude Exhibition at Kirra Hill

Gratitude Kirra Hill Gallery 2019

Materials: screen printed t-shirts, artist books, widescreen television, canoe, two trestle tables, DVD players, video projectors, DVDS, framed drawings

The title Gratitude comes from letter correspondence with the famous clown doctor Patch Adams and his simple philosophy of love where gratitude plays a large part.

In 2019 I made a book of original drawings about Patch Adams and sent it to him.

I also sent him a t-shirt of a figure with his head wrapped in bandages and arms out wide with the text: vulnerability breeds compassion on his shirt.

The exhibition also included a video installation of a canoe sitting on two trestle tables with a screen in the middle and two video projections on either side.

One projection was a drawing slide show about my artist friends who collaborate together Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy. Patch always talks about the importance of having gratitude for the friends in our lives.

The other projection was of my mum titled Mothers Love/ Maria Foster. There is no greater gratitude in life than for ones mother.