Je Ju Mount Hallasan Bicycle Installation

Mount Hallasan 2003

Site Specific Installation on Je Ju Island South Korea 

Materials: bicycle and framed watercolour paintings.

Dimensions variable

This site specific installation was set up on JeJu Island in South Korea in 2003 when I was working as an English teacher there. I wasn’t very good as a teacher but I made a lot of art. This photo was taken with slide film on a cheap plastic camera I bought in Sydney at an op shop before my trip to Korea.

The bus and bicycle are literal references to the idea of travel and exploration. The watercolour paintings were exhibited in a small cafe in Je Ju city in a small cafe called Bagdad cafe. The cafe show was called Youtopia a deliberately misspelt title reflecting the idea that joy can’t be found in anyone else only in you.

The blue watercolour paintings were an intuitive response to the mysterious and huge volcanic mountain at the centre of the island.

Coincidently at the time of my stay on Je Ju was the soccer world cup being held in South Korea and Japan and the Koreans were euphoric because Koreas’ team performed really well.