Thankyou Show with Hansol Lim

Thank you Exhibition with the Korean Artist Hansol Lim Holly Gallery 2017

Materials: screen printed T-shirts, DVDs, video projectors, television, DVD players, trestle tables, unframed drawings, paintings on canvas and milk crates.  

Thank You was an exhibition by Hansol Lim and me at Holly Gallery in Miami Queensland. Hansol came out to Australia from South Korea for the exhibition accompanied by her friend Annie who helped her install her work. The title Thank You comes from the idea that gratitude is an important part of art and life. Hansol exhibited paintings and water colour drawings of North American Indians and cactus plants.

I exhibited books of drawings, screen printed t-shirts and DVD projected slide shows of drawings about the artists Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy,  drawings made while backpacking in Europe in May 2017 and an exhibition at Holly Gallery called Five Oceans an autism fundraiser and drawings made on Flinders Island in August 2017 at a studio residency there.

Hansol Lim is a young artist who studied Christian art at Mokwon University in South Korea. Hansol had a solo show at Holly Gallery in Miami Queensland Australia in 2015. According to Hansol” When I make art I usually use a pen, coloured pencil or watercolour on paper.” She goes on that “I analyse what happiness is and how to be happy in my art.” 

Hansol has a magic touch while combining figures, Korean text and sometimes English text and a subtle use of pen watercolour and pencils.

What strikes me about Hansol’s work is the examination of the social pressures on young women in the current society of South Korea. The pressures to have a good job, a big apartment, overseas travel, money in the bank and a partner are huge. For others perspective Hansol says in the blurb for her show that” I will always be the loser from their perspective. Well then I choose to remain silent but dance in my own way.”