The Dalai Lamas Cat. How Can We Make Global Poverty History? If We Can Land Man on the Moon We Can Eradicate Global Poverty.

To be shown at Scratch Space in Sydney 26 September – 9 October 2023 Exhibition opening Event – Wed 27 Sep, 6 – 8pm

This artwork shall feature video projection of the beach performance where I am dressed as an astronaut reading a book of drawings about the Dalai Lamas Buddhist philosophy and my own ideas about how humanity can eradicate poverty will be projected on a wall.

The following quote by the Dalai Lama captures the essence of the ideas in this work.

Wherever it occurs, poverty is a significant contributor to social disharmony, ill health, suffering and armed conflict. If we continue along our present path, the situation could become irreparable. This constantly increasing gap between the haves and halve not’s, creates suffering for everyone.”

The Dalai Lama

The exhibition also included the four framed photos: Return to Sender 1999, Mount Hallasan 2002, Charlie Chaplin Beach Performance and The Dalai Lamas Stray Cat.

There is, also some photos of me with a hand drawn t-shirt that says We Care About You Deeply that is part of an ongoing performance where this time I give a backpack full of clothes to a homeless person in the CBD of the city.

There was, also three bound artist books with original drawings: I am the Dalai Lamas Stray Cat, Cabarita Loneliness Comics and My Big Trip to Rome, Athens and Vienna.