Think re Think Exhibition at Kirra Hill Community Centre and Gallery

Think Re Think 2014-2015

Kirra Hill Gallery

Materials: framed drawings, bicycle, books of drawings, converse sneakers, wide screen TV, video projector, book of essays

The Think Rethink title referred to me constantly re-evaluating my beliefs, morals and understanding of the world.  

It was my first proper solo exhibition ever and was at Kirra Hill. There were several components including:

  1. Five tables with four books of original drawings and blue backpacks and converse sneakers provided from converse Australia. Many of the drawings in the books of drawings traced my shifting mental states and were inspired by YouTube videos and books by Patch Adams. Fortunately the exhibition was sponsored by Ikea and they gave me five tables and some wooden stools for the exhibition.
  1. An animation video on a widescreen TV about the complexities of war titled Elephant Plain. The animation was made in 1999 and was released along with a comix zine by the same name. It was first shown in a group video night at Performance Space Gallery in Sydney. The TV was accompanied by a sound bar loaned to me by The Good Guys.
  1. An art documentation DVD projected with a data projector tracing my art in the mediums of drawing, sculpture, installation art and photography from the past twenty years. This video was made up of scanned in slide documentation of my art over the years. The video projector was on loan from The Good Guys
  1. A bicycle with drawings in frames hanging off it. This was a reworking of a site specific installation in Je Ju Island South Korea in 2003.
  1. A book of drawings and essays about social issues to be confronted mainly in the Australian context.
  2. Framed and unframed drawings of people exploring social issues and self reflexive exploration.