Trying to be Someone Else is a Waste of the Person You Are

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”

Oprah Winfrey

It’s around this time last year that my dear mum passed. I was at the airport in Rome when my brother called me with the news. My mother was my main mentor in my life and the sounding board of all my problems big and small.

Also, intellectually I have had many mentors, male and female, living and passed. However now I am starting to find my own voice. So, in this video shoot I am dressed up in my own style rather than dressing up as someone else.

My style is a maroon suit, black button up collar shirt, mustard felt hat over a white bandanna and black converse high tops.

I am not saying I am an island but the opposite as I feel I am more a part of a community but also I am listening to my own voice as much as looking to others for ideas and inspiration.

The book I am flicking through in the shoot is called: My Big Trip to Rome Athens and Vienna, which I made while travelling in Europe in January 2023 before and after mums passing. The book of drawings with text is more about coming to grips with the grief of losing her as much about my travel experience.