Zeitgeist Show at Kirra Hill Community Centre and Gallery

Materials: artist books, unframed drawings, bicycle, framed drawings, trestle tables, two video projectors and DVD players, photographs, DVDS.

The exhibition Zeitgeist featured drawings made in a studio residency in March 2018 at the Big Ci studio residency at Bilpin in the Blue Mountains. There was a book of drawings titled The Big Ci Studio Residency and a video projection of those drawings. There was also a book of drawings titled Mothers Love/ Maria Foster about my mum and the profound nature of mothers love in general and a DVD playing on a wide screen TV.

The title Zeitgeist refers to the many drawings of people in mediation with their eyes closed who capture the essence of a generation or zeitgeist.  

The exhibition also included a book titled My Big Trip to Japan and South Korea a book of drawings about my backpacking trip to these countries in 2017. This book was projected next to the Big Ci Studio Residency projection.