My Amazing Friends

For around the last eight years I have been in snail mail contact with the American clown doctor Patch Adams. He constantly writes that having wonderful friends is part of the key to having a healthy and happy life. I always knew that my friends were fantastic but not in such a profound way that I do now. They have loved and cared for me when I was down and out and through the good times too. So when my friend Cara Oke texted me about me sending out art postcards as a mail exhibition it got me thinking that I shouldn’t fret that my solo exhibition at Kirra Hill with performance collaborating with Marike van Dijk and Bronwyn Boniface was cancelled due to the covid restrictions. And in its place I shall have my art come to my friends with  illustrative portraits of my friends with a little bit of text about them and their good points.

The philosophy of this zine is simple its about friendship but it’s also about community building. For me community building is simply about making as many friends as possible and helping them.

Also thanks to Guy Martin for his amazing colour portrait of me on the back cover.