Ten Drawings a Day Project

I started this project at the beginning of July in 2021 and now in mid August have around 400 drawings. They are on an array of different types of paper including graph paper, lined paper, canvas paper, watercolour paper and small envelopes. They are mainly on a4 paper. They are made with black artline pens and occasionally black sharpie pen. 

I started this self referential style of drawing in 1996 while studying my masters in sculpture at College of Fine Arts in Sydney. At that time I thought that the drawings I made weren’t my serious art but my sculpture and video installation were.

Return To Sender video installation made in 1998 fresh out of art school

Now more than twenty years later I now focus on drawing in the form of books of drawings, framed drawings, unframed drawings and DVD slide shows.Drawing has become the focus of my art practise and exhibitions and studio residencies at the Gunnery in Woolloomoolloo in 2001, Flinders Island in Tasmania in 2018 and three residencies at the Big Ci in Bilpin in the Blue Mountains in 2019, 2020 and 2021 each for a month.

With my untitled large scale drawing at the Big Ci in 2020

With limited shows at serious galleries these studio residencies helped me take myself seriously as an artist and make large scale drawings and a more experimental form of art.

I have chosen twenty five drawings from this project of drawing ten drawings a day.

The basic idea of drawing ten drawings a day came about with my frustratingly low output of my drawing. I would go for weeks without drawing. So I came up with this project to overcome this laziness.

I have been making art and exhibiting since graduating with a master of fine arts in sculpture from College of Fine Arts in Sydney in 1997. Notable exhibitions include sculpture by the sea in 1999 and the package a national touring group show on the theme of packaging  in 2000 and multiple solo exhibitions at Kirra Hill Cultural Centre and Gallery between 2015 and 2019. My work is in notable collections including the clown doctor Patch Adams and John Kaldor the Australian philanthropist and art collector and my DVD portfolio at the Guggenheim Bilbao in Spain.