The Australian Life Savers

Essay by Luke Foster

“Across NSW more than 20,000 surf lifesavers dedicate their time each year during the peak season to make sure beach goers can enjoy the surf in safety.

Every single patrol member is trained to the highest possible standard and dedicates countless hours each weekend during the season protecting the beaches along the NSW coastline.”

NSW life saver website (this is about lifesavers in NSW but across Australia many others do the same thing.)

When I first moved up to Casuarina around 13 years ago, I went swimming in the flags on a hot summer day and got taken out in a rip and was rescued by a lifesaver on a big yellow paddle board so they literally saved my life and I know how skilled they are. I am not sure if it was a volunteer or permanent staff.

“Hi! My name is Andrea, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. I’m a patrol captain at Freshwater SLSC and have been involved in surf lifesaving since I was 5 years old. 

To stay safe around water, make sure you’re always swimming with a trusted adult, and if you’re at the beach always, always, ALWAYS swim between the red and yellow flags.” 

NSW lifesaver website

I also used to watch Bondi rescue every day, and I know how fit lifesavers are, there is also a great sense of comradeship. Their skill and fitness are at an intense level. A lot of them were also very good surfers and even ex pro surfers.

Also, when I was a child me and my brother and sister were in Avalon nippers sort of lifesaving skills for children which was very social and fun on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

My brother and his children were also volunteer lifesavers at Palm Beach in Sydney where they film Home and Away.

In conclusion lifesavers across Australia keep Australian beaches safe. So, if the government and big business could give more funding to make their amazing skills even funded more then that would be amazing. So always swim in the flags which is the safest place to be in the ocean at our beaches.