Better Conditions and Wages for the Worlds Security Special Forces, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Police, Politicians, Baristas  and University Lecturers

Essay by Luke Foster

“ Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at the things in a different way. “ Edward de Bono

These pillars of the community need wage rises and better conditions. The Australian SAS should get these particularly as they have looked after me with expert security for decades. But more importantly they provide security for aid workers which literally means they say millions of lives.

Doctors literally save the lives of millions of people every day and their wages and conditions are good and along with nurses they deserve better.

The nurses in particular who look after my mum in a nursing home I am very grateful to. There are a lot of Nepalese nurses at her nursing home and they are so kind and compassionate as they are Buddhists.

Teachers lead the next generations with love and care and what they teach can save the world from itself if they teach about living a moral life.

I love the police and community watch as they are pillars of the community of peace and harmony. They also deserve a wage rise and better conditions.

Politicians also need a leg up as not matter how much good they do especially in democratic countries they are still criticised. However robust debate is the pillar stone of democratic governments in the world.

“ How great it would be for us all to have the pride of knowing that we, as a country are one of the best countries to be a child. “

Jacinda Ardern

This quote is by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and I think she is doing a wonderful job. I try to have the equal number of male and female role models.

When I was in New York last December I always tried to tip the cafe staff well and give them drawings as I know how low their minimum wage is and they deserve at least $17 per hour.

So with great respect and love I hope the world leaders dig deep for these pillars of the community. Today I am kind of the world leaders pet cat and I am purring with happiness.