Contemporary Australian Art And Cricket Plus Cancer Research Essay

By Luke Foster

“In art there is no progress, only fluctuations in intensity.” Robert Hughes

This essay is about a mythical game of cricket between the Australian cricket team of today and past and Australian contemporary artists. There is quite a bit of sledging between the teams. Sledging is putting each other down with insults and rude jokes. It’s in poor taste and isn’t what sport is about.

Ideally sport is a community builder where different nations compete in peaceful, humorous and healthy competition.

This essay is a take on the competition between sport and art in Australia where sport is definitely the most popular.

The link between cancer research, art and cricket is that they all require great skills, commitment and focus to be undertaken well.

Cure Cancer Australian foundation is a Cancer Research Charity. “Cure Cancer Australia Foundation is a cancer charity whose single focus is to find a cure for cancer.”

I was going to think of funny sledges between the art team and the mythical Australian cricket team but I thought that it would be in poor taste and a bad example for young artists and cricket players to follow.

Another not so tenuous link between cricket and art are the paintings by the late artist Brett Whitely about cricket. They are wonderfully lyrical paintings epitomising Australia’s love and fascination with the game of cricket.

Members of the Australian artist team include: Newell Harry and his artwork: “The Natives are Restless.” Sean Gladwell and his video artwork: “Storm Sequence”. The couple Australian artists: Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy and their artwork an installation piece called “Drunken Clarity”. Also the installation by American born Joan Grounds and Aleks Denko: “We Should Call It a Living Room…”

On the timeless and mythological Australian Cricket Team is Shane Warne with his healthy head of blonde hair. Michael Clarke and his cheeky grin. Also the most famous Australian cricketer of all Don Bradman who constantly knocks up centuries and double centuries.

I hope all find this essay enlightening, humorous and in good taste. Sport is the friendly healer where people of different nationalities, interests and economic levels come together to have fun, enjoy the competition and have fun.

There are many different types of cancer such as breast cancer, skin cancer and many other types. These days in Australia there is a small copayment when you visit the doctor. This money will go to cancer research and other medical research. I hope we can all pull together to find a cure for cancer.