Democracy in Action

I love democracy and democracy loves me.

Essay by Luke Foster

The idea and model of democracy originated in ancient Greece. However it was a faulty ideal as the majority of people in their community were slaves so the slaves were mistreated, taken as sex concubines and their life would have been miserable.

However what democracy has become in such places as France, Australia and America are amazing things. Capitalism and democracy go hand in hand. Intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky goad the leaders of capitalism saying it only serves the rich and leaves the poor out in the cold. However I disagree. Our welfare systems and medical systems are ideal particularly in Australia and Australia should be congratulated for that and be an ideal model for other countries to follow.

Without Australian welfare and medical systems I would have ended up homeless sleeping on cardboard boxes out in the cold of winter. That’s why I have so much compassion for the homeless as that could have easily been my fate due to my mental health condition when I was arguing with my parents.

As part of the American constitution that America will take the worlds huddled masses is a beautiful thing. They take people, refugees often from failed states, traumatized, poor, unloved confused and America rehabilitates them gives them jobs but most of all their dignity and pride back.

As Joseph Beuys said with his performance piece in New York in the 70s:  I like America and America likes me.””

The performance involved Joseph interacting in a caged section of a gallery in New York with a coyote. The coyote tugged at a blanket Joseph held and the performance suggested a reconnection of the American people with its native animals and earth. It was a very healing performance.

Democracy is definitely the most altruistic and successful political model. I love democracy. I couldn’t make it any more obvious.