Fred Hollows and his Foundation

Essay by Luke Foster

“Leave the world a better place.” Fred Hollows

Sadly Fred has passed away but under the guidance of his partner Gabi the Fred Hollows Foundation does important work in restoring sight and other eye treatment in developing countries and in outback Australia. Sight can be restored for as little as $25. The foundation does work in over 19 countries.

One example of the amazing work the foundation does is the elderly lady Palzin. Living in the poorest part of India, Palzin was blind from cataracts in both eyes. Palzin travelled over 200km over rugged Himalayan roads to an eye clinic that the foundation helped support. Palzin was one of 183 patients whose life was transformed with a 10 minute operation by the world’s best ophthalmologist, Dr Sanduk Ruit, friend and colleague of Fred. She was ecstatic when her sight was restored and was restored her hope and independence. This is one story of 449,768 operations the foundation did in 2013.Forty eight medical facilities were built or upgraded.

Fred once said that “The basic attribute of mankind is to look after each other.”

I think many of us take our vision for granted and it’s hard to imagine what it’s like to live without sight when 4 out of 5 blind people can have their sight restored. So if you give generously then Fred’s amazing legacy can continue and as little as $25 can restored sight to one patient.