How To Save Your Pennies!

Essay by Luke Foster

It’s no fun being poor. It’s not good to be a tight arse but it’s wise to work hard and save your pennies. Which means being careful with your money and save as much as you can. My mother has taught me how to save money and I have been able to work and escape the poverty cycle.

The best way to save is to bank as much as possible on your pay day and live off the rest. If you grow your own vegetables in a community garden then the food will be healthy and inexpensive. Getting your hands dirty in the earth is grounding and enjoyable.

For clothes a mixture of second hand clothes from the op shop and new clothes for jackets, socks, underwear and hats is good.

Don’t overspend and get yourself in debt.

Credit cards are useful for credit on overseas holidays but are best to be cancelled when you return from your travel.

Don’t borrow money from friends or lend money as this is a sure way to lose integrity and sure way to break a friendship.

Try to give up smoking and drinking if these are your bad habits. They are expensive and very unhealthy.

Once you have banked some money reward yourself with a music album or piece of clothing.

It is possible to break the poverty cycle if you work hard and save money and are thrifty and frugal with your spending habits.