I Would Love to Get a Publishing House or World Leader to make an Open Call for Grandmothers Around the World for Them to Write Essays, Poems and Short Stories About how to Make Peace in the World. (Or perhaps better as an online literary prize so it’s free for everyone to read and enter)

“There is no other love that’s as special as the love of a grandma. / So warm and fuzzy, so calm and sweet, so cheerful and joyful.”

Hopal Green

From my own personal experience, I think grandmothers are the kindest wisest people on the planet as that’s what my mum was like and her mum too. If anyone can brainstorm how to make peace in the world then its networks of grandmothers.

To My Nana

“Who would try to give me all the world
As far as she could see?

Who always has two open arms
And smiles just made for me?
Who always finds some special time
That we two can share?
And never is too busy
To show how much she cares.
There’s not another in the world
From Rome to Ohio
I’m glad God made you for me
I love you so much, Nana!”

— Kaili S. Kowalski

I walked past a group of grandmothers having a coffee at my local café yesterday and they gave me the idea to ask grandmothers to help contemporary artists to make peace in the world and I did a quick drawing that said that and gave it to them to share. In hindsight I should have given them a drawing each. In hindsight I also think this was their idea not mine.