Live To 200 Essay

By Luke Foster

This idea might seem farfetched but if turtles can live to 200 with all the sharks and predators in the oceans and on land then I think it’s possible that humans with all our expert health knowledge can do it too. Turtles eat mainly seaweed and jelly blubbers. Sometimes they eat plastic bags thinking they are jelly fish and they get stuck in their intestines and they die a horrible painful slow death. A vegetarian diet and perhaps if you can’t have a strict vegetarian diet then some fish occasionally is the best diet. But it’s better to spare the unsustainable fishing industry and have a strict vegetarian diet.

The people in the world who live the longest are on an island in Japan. I think its Okinawa. They eat mainly vegetables, green tea and sometimes fish. The life expectancy for the young people in the world now is now 100. So if the young can live to 100 with all the drugs, booze and cigarettes then I am sure if we become healthier then we can live to 200 like turtles.

Other factors are important too. Aid and cheap or free medicines and vaccines for such diseases as aids, hepatitis and later cancer will drastically increase or life expectancy of people in developing countries. Also the world needs free or inexpensive health care like in Australia and France.

Other factors in humans living to 200 include:

  1. Lots of exercise: if you are overweight or obese then 3hrs exercise per day of walking, swimming, tennis or surfing or any other vigorous exercise will reduce your weight rapidly.
  2.   A healthy diet of vegetable soup, low fat milk, vitamin supplements and only small amounts of sugary and fatty foods plus lots of water and fruit. Brown bread and whole meal bread is better than white bread.
  3. Cover up from the sun and wear straw hats to cover the ears, neck and face particularly in Australia where the sun is very strong. The depletion of the ozone layer means that the strong rays of the sun are becoming increasingly deadly. Also cover your exposed body parts with 30 plus sunscreen. Also wear inexpensive sunglasses to avoid sun damage of the eyes.
  4. Use moisturiser daily to keep your skin healthy and youthful. I use it around 3 to 4 times daily.
  5. Brush your teeth after every meal and use mouth wash if you floss then do it only gently as it can damage the gums as much as tartar from sugary foods.
  6. Avoid eating fast foods and fatty foods. These can lead to high cholesterol and obesity. Obesity is one of the biggest killers even more deadly than skin cancer and alcoholism.
  7. Avoid binge drinking. This can lead to an early grave and all your organs pack it in and you would be unlikely to live to even live to 50 if you binge drink for long periods of time.
  8. A healthy social life of yummy friends and loving partners is important. If you have social skills issues then cognitive behavioural therapy can cure you. This is free in Australia for 10 visits per year to a qualified psychologist and has worked wonders for me if you are on social security benefits.
  9. Some sort of spiritual beliefs can give a person who is troubled by the world’s problems a strong spiritual backbone.If not religion or spiritualism then a healthy degree of self-esteem. As little as 3% of the world’s population has positive self-esteem this can be cured by being a loving caring person to all sentient beings especially friends. Also exercises to increase self-esteem such as hugging yourself in the mirror and saying to you: Ï love me!” Also pride in your appearance is important. Buy nice clothes. If you are poor then scour op shops and buy the best cheap clothes you can afford. Also if you are a man then shave daily and use deodorant. Roll on deodorant is better than spray which can add to ozone depletion.
  10. Be creative. Creativity is basically adults keeping the playful spirit from childhood and creatively figuring out how to live life in the world with dignity, self-esteem and happiness.
  11. Personal hygiene is important. Wash your hands after going to the bathroom and if possible buy inexpensive hand sanitizer. This reduces the spread of diseases and reinfection of you. This is especially important in developing countries. A tippy tap can be used for clean water.

Wrap Up:

A healthy life is possible if you follow this expert advice that I learned from Patch Adams. Stay calm, enjoy life, eat well, be creative and spontaneous and then you will live to 200 and your life will become filled with laughter, happiness and good times. Thanks to Patch Adams for his expert guidance and support. Particularly the letter he sent me about my health as well as the gifts of the two books;“Patch Adams M.D. Gesundheit ”and “House Calls” where I garnered the majority of this information. Patch this is not the dessert stage of your life. If you haven’t got sick it fifty years then you will definitely live to at least 100 perhaps even longer. I hope your dream of opening a free hospital on your farm in Virginia becomes a concrete reality and an ideal model for hospitals to follow.

In Australia there is now a $7 surcharge when patients visit the doctor which is a wise move as the money raised will help expert Australian doctors find cures for such illnesses as schizophrenia, aids cancer and hepatitis. Also charity work such as buying homeless people a bag of clothes or doing volunteer work at a soup kitchen, op-shop, or hospital as a clown doctor can increase your self-esteem drastically. This means a longer happy healthy life.