Overcoming Poverty in the Developing World ( A Roadmap)

Essay by Luke Foster

“ Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so, you are insulting yourself.” Bill Gates

The first world leaders including Joe Biden, the United Nations, The World Health Organisation, the Central Intelligence Agency, The FBI , Scott Morrison and Bill and Melinda Gates and all the worlds charities and aid agencies should be congratulated for all the good work they have done to alleviate mind numbing poverty in the developing world. I say the developing world rather than the third world as that puts the developing world in an inferior relation to the rich countries. The mind numbing poverty particularly amongst children is horrendous. Imagine your own children literally starving to death, not having access to clean water, or medicines that prevent fatal diseases.

I can see what the main problem is. You are scared that the money you send will be frittered away by corruption or even worse to buy guns, bombs and missiles to attack you back.This is the case with North Korea where aid was sent in to prevent the starving of their own people and was used to buy missiles pointed to the very countries who sent aid.

Bill and Melinda Gates are living saints for all their charity work literally saving the lives of billions of poor in Asia and Africa. The other three richest people should take a leaf out of their book. Bill Gates should advise the United Nations and World Health Organisation on how to see through all the tricks and lies and to get the aid to the poorest of the poor. The aid workers need top security so they are safe from kidnapping by war lords and leaders of failed states.

The best security in the world is the Australian SAS. They never die in war zones even in horrendous war zones like Afghanistan.Only once have they perished in a horrific black Hawke helicopter crash in Townsville in 1996.

Perhaps the Australian SAS can train the world’s security workers so the security and those they protect never die.

The aid workers and security need pay rises for their important work in dangerous territories.

“ Extreme poverty anywhere is a threat to human security everywhere. “ Kofi Annon The Seventh Secretary General of The United Nations.

The worlds journalists from rich countries also need top level security so when they go into dangerous territories they are safe as freedom of press is important in good democratic countries.

Special psychological profiling of security should take place as even one rotten apple could create devastating results in good or bad communities.

I disagree with the Pope on only one issue and that is I think contraceptives in the developing world can prevent the rampant spread of AIDS.

“Unlike a lot of people I don’t feel powerless. I know I can do something. It’s not about being special. Its about deciding to do it- to dive into work for peace and justice and care for everybody on the planet.” Patch Adams

When I was in India in 2001-2002 I saw the mind numbing poverty first hand and felt so frustrated with myself for particuarly letting down the street children of Chennai who I did a drawing workshop with and provided a meal of curry but I promised I would come back and finance an orphanage but never have.

A good way to give to give to the poor children is too organise drawing workshops with them. With just cheap a5 paper and textas and then sell their art in first world galleries for a packet as their beautiful art is so amazing and with the money raised give them a hut, clothes, pots and pans, shoes, medicines, access to clean water and a cow and chicken so they can live off the produce and sell extra milk and eggs to others so they can escape the poverty cycle permanently.

“ Happiness is when what you think , what you say and what you do are in harmony. “ Mahatma Gandhi

If you are middle class a small donation to World Vision of $25 a month can save a poor child and their family in Africa or Asia from mind numbing poverty.

The worlds charities should be congratulated for all the good work they do including: Unicef, Oxfam, World Vision, the Fred hollows Foundation, Red Cross, and Sans Medicines Doctors Without Borders.

“To a billion people around the world serving on just a dollar a day, the question of what to eat tonight is more about life and death than about recipes. The struggle of poor people around the globe weighs heavily on me, especially now that I am a mother which is why I work with Oxfam. “ Giada De Lourentis

World leaders I haven’t got you over a barrel but the more you give to charity and aid the Australian SAS will want to give you exceptional security so you shall never perish when you travel.

“ The best way to be safe in the world is to have no enemies.” Luke Foster