Perhaps the Circle Just Got Bigger/ Perry Farrell on Freeing Slaves in Africa and Making Amazing Music

Essay Luke Foster

“I’m looking to evolve the concept of the new renaissance artist, taking the world by storm through the art of public display and demonstration, with technical savvy, using cell phones and computers.”

Perry Farrell

I’ve had a fascination with Perry Farrell since my final year of high school when his band Janes Addiction released an album called Ritual De Lo Habitual.

The cover is a bit naughty but amazing.

I have seen Perry perform once at the Big Day Out in Sydney in maybe 1995 and his Janes song Mountain Song was amazing. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds were a highlight too.

Mountain Song

Song by Jane’s Addiction


“Comin’ down the mountain
One of many children
Everybody held their own opinion
Everybody held their own opinion
Holding it back, it hurts so bad
Jumping out of my flesh and I said
Cash in!”

When I was in art school me and my friend Glendon used to sing the song Jane Says as it is the only song that I have remembered all the lyrics. We loved it.

I feel Perry is a creative genius and his creative skills could sort out many complex issues in the world.

My favourite thing about Perry is when he freed 2300 slaves in Sudan Africa by buying their freedom and then set up a boom box and danced with the whole village.

“Janes Addictions campaigning front-man PERRY FARRELL has just returned to the US from war-torn SUDAN where he helped free some 2,300 women and children from slavery.

The singer, who has been involved with issues relating to the Sudan in the past, spent seven days in the country on his mission with Christian Solidarity International.

Farrell led “emancipation dances” at various liberation sites in the Sudanese bush where the freed slaves are housed, the New York Post reports, singing over music from a stereo he brought with him and “spurring large crowds of freed slaves, missionaries and Arab ‘slave retrievers’ into a dancing frenzy.”

NME Magazine Website

I have to remember that no man is an island to and other members of Janes Addiction are:  guitarist Dave Navarro, drummer Stephen Perkins and bassist Eric Avery.

Farrell is also well known for setting up the touring American music festival lollapalooza that has become blue print for touring music festivals around the world.

In conclusion Farrell and his band are one of the most amazing bands to come out of America in recent decades. He’s a kind hearted genius and everything he turns his hand to comes out amazing particularly his album cover, ideas.

Perry so kind and creative and a family man.