Perhaps the Tibetan People Should Ask the Indian Government for Sovereignty Instead of Refugee Status/ The New Chinese People are Very Kind and What Happened in Tibet was Decades and Decades Ago.

Essay by Luke Foster

“Silence is sometimes the best answer.”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

The definition of sovereignty is.




  1. supreme power or authority.

“the sovereignty of Parliament”

Whenever I go to Sydney the younger Chinese generation call out to me, we love you Luke and we are Chinese. So, I know from first-hand experience that the younger generation are genuinely ashamed about what happened in the past and sorry and they also yell out to me that they love the Dalai Lama too. Also, I have had a Chinese girlfriend decades ago and her family loved me and looked out for me.

Many counties have made mistakes in their past too but the international community forgives them and they move on so peace spreads rather than suspicion, fear and anger.

Almost every country in the world has had previous generations who made mistakes on the world stage. However, everyone moves on and forgives them eventually.

Also, the videos I’ve seen of the set up you have in McLeod Ganj is gorgeous and nothing like the refugee camps in the Middle East and Africa.

It would cost the Tibetan people billions of dollars to move back to Tibet. You are safer and more, wealthy if you stay.

“At this historical juncture, it is important that we in the Asia-Pacific face up to the responsibility of the times, be in the driver’s seat, and strive hard to meet the goal of building an APEC region with a shared future.”

Xi Jinping

In conclusion the best way to bury the hatchet is to let go of the mistakes of previous generations and let the younger generation of Tibetans and Chinese build a true dialogue of love and compassion and forgiveness.

Me with my loving girlfriend Kathy Mar Young who was an Australian Chinese. But we broke up decades ago. In my mind she was the love of my life.

Peace and love between Tibetans and Chinese. (Love doesn’t Conquer it Heals)