Racism and Globalisation Essay

By Luke Foster

Racism is a major problem in the world. However in the past different countries people ran each other down because the whole world was made up of warring nations and tribes.

One of the benefits of globalisation in the form of trade, sport, tourism and diplomacy is that the world is becoming a friendlier place. Couples from different nations are married in mixed marriages. Something that was practically unheard of fifty years ago.

However some semblances of racism still remain. Sometimes there are race riots in the world. Sometimes people make rude comments about people of different nationalities and skin colours at sporting events and on public transport.

Post colonialism unpacks race issues as when European countries colonised the world several hundred years ago there was a race hierarchy in the world. White men were at the top of the hierarchy, Asians next and dark skinned people at the bottom.

This has been undone now through the bravery of race activists such as Martin Luther King. Condoleezza Rice was Secretary State of America. Also Obama has now become the president of the USA and is adored and respected the world over the most powerful role in the world.

The white colonising nations perhaps should apologise to the nations they conquered and the many hurts and injustices they committed.

If we are vigilant then racism can be overturned at every corner and turn. Most racism is inherent meaning that it is committed by people not realising the hurt they are committing as they have been brought up that way.