Rugby Union In Australia And Australian Literature And Obesity

By Luke Foster

“I think it is possible to explain faith. It is like trying to explain air, which one cannot do by dividing it into its components parts and labelling them scientifically. It must be breathed to be understood.” Patrick White

The Rugby World Cup will be in England in 2015. In honour of this wonderful event I came up with the idea of famous Australian writers living and past vs English authors both living and past. I hope the families of the deceased will see this essay celebrates the departed and raises awareness about the benefits for health of sport and conscious raising about the dangers of obesity.

On the English team are JK Rowling author of “Harry Potter” Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare, Sue Townsend and her book: “The Secret Diaries of Adrian Mole”, Meg Rosof and her book:  “How I lie now”  and Nick Hornby and his book : “High Fidelity”.

On the Australian team are Germaine Greer, and her book: “The Female Eunuch”, Peter Carey author of “ Illywacker” and Banjo Paterson Author of : “The Man From Snowy River” and Patrick White author of :“ The Vivisector.”

Patrick white gets in a fight on the field and gets Nick Hornby in a headlock.

Shakespeare gets sent off the field by the referee for being rough in the rucks. 

All this is in good fun however obesity is a major health issue in Australia and globally. Obesity can be overcome with a balanced and healthy diet, exercise and an active social life. A vegetarian diet of soup, brown bread, sugar substitutes and lots of water and low fat milk plus lots of fruit can lead to a healthy life.

If you are obese or overweight you are in danger of a much shortened life span so exercise and diet are wise moves.