Ways People in the First World can Help Charities for Developing World and in the Developed World

By Luke Foster

Don’t give so much to charities that you can’t pay your own bills. Give maybe $20 or $50 to Oxfam, Unicef or the Red Cross or other charities.  When shopping give loose change to local charities. For example McDonalds in Australia sponsor a children’s hospital/hostel: Ronald McDonald House. When you go to Maccas just give your loose change and if everyone did the same then there would be a divine world. If you give too much to charity then you run the risk of being resentful to the poor and sick and will then no longer give money to charity.

Also research on your favourite charity such as The Fred Hollows Foundation and talk it over with friends at lunch break or at barbeques or dinner parties.

How to Set Up an Orphanage if You Are Rich

Don’t go to the subcontinent or Africa yourself. Contact the Belinda and Melinda Gates Foundation or Oxfam and donate at least $ 10 thousand. I am not sure of this amount but I am just guessing. Ask which country you want it in. Even suggest getting it named after you. It will be just a small building where they shall sleep on mats on the floor and will give employment to the men and women of that village. These charities are experts at getting the money to where it should go as if you go yourself you are putting yourself in danger and the money won’t go to where it should go.

Your good deed won’t go unnoticed and your life will become divine. I would love to do it myself but I am on a pension and I am saving for my own apartment so I need to save. I still live with my parent’s lol ! The other costs are clean water, vaccines and medicines, paper and pens for school and pay for a teacher and clothes and shoes and sunglasses and sunscreen for them.

If you want to do it with your friends: If there are 5 of you put in $2 thousand each or a group of workers of 10 put in $1thousand each. Many people in Africa live in refugee camps so perhaps Africa is the place of greatest need for orphanages. Ask Bill Gates or other charities.