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Racism and Globalisation Essay

By Luke Foster Racism is a major problem in the world. However in the past different countries people ran each other down because the whole world was made up of warring nations and tribes. One of the benefits of globalisation in the form of trade, sport, tourism and diplomacy is that the world is becoming […]

Live To 200 Essay

By Luke Foster This idea might seem farfetched but if turtles can live to 200 with all the sharks and predators in the oceans and on land then I think it’s possible that humans with all our expert health knowledge can do it too. Turtles eat mainly seaweed and jelly blubbers. Sometimes they eat plastic […]

Fred Hollows and his Foundation

Essay by Luke Foster “Leave the world a better place.” Fred Hollows Sadly Fred has passed away but under the guidance of his partner Gabi the Fred Hollows Foundation does important work in restoring sight and other eye treatment in developing countries and in outback Australia. Sight can be restored for as little as $25. […]

Democracy in Action

I love democracy and democracy loves me. Essay by Luke Foster The idea and model of democracy originated in ancient Greece. However it was a faulty ideal as the majority of people in their community were slaves so the slaves were mistreated, taken as sex concubines and their life would have been miserable. However what […]

Overcoming Poverty in the Developing World ( A Roadmap)

Essay by Luke Foster “ Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so, you are insulting yourself.” Bill Gates The first world leaders including Joe Biden, the United Nations, The World Health Organisation, the Central Intelligence Agency, The FBI , Scott Morrison and Bill and Melinda Gates and all the worlds […]

How To Save Your Pennies!

Essay by Luke Foster It’s no fun being poor. It’s not good to be a tight arse but it’s wise to work hard and save your pennies. Which means being careful with your money and save as much as you can. My mother has taught me how to save money and I have been able […]